Sunday, 5 May 2013

From TV Cabinet to Perfect Desk!

I have a pretty creative Husband, and while, yes, it does take him some time to complete a projects, when they are complete, they are amazing!

He just finished my re-purposed desk! What do you think?!

The cabinet pictured, isn't ours, but one that's exactly the same. 

That goes with our entrance table, which was made from pallets!


  1. This is a great conversion! I love it, but would love to know more of how he did this. I keep looking at the before and after pictures and just cannot imagine what he did.

    1. Hi Carole! Essentially all he did, was take the glass door off, and chop the whole top section off with a circular saw. He then reused some of the timber, to make a smaller door frame, and put some paneling on the back of the frame. On the part where we sit, he knocked the shelf off, and puttied the holes. He had some more left over paneling from a previous project, so he stuck that onto the back, to give it some definition, and put a bit of facing along the floor to make it look finished. He was then very creative and built a floor in the shelving part, and even made a spot for my sewing machine to be stored (I'll upload a pic soon). He sprayed on two coats of primer and then three coats of paint. The glass on top, was actually recycled from out old small computer desk (a little $30 cheap one) and we just laid them on top, to provide me somewhere to put my coffee, and to write, without damaging the surface.

      Hope this helps? Let me know if you want anymore information!

      xx Alisha

  2. Should match with your room decor and house theme. If your house is decorated in an environmental theme, then a nice brown wood TV stand would fit the bill.