Thursday, 11 October 2012

Guest Blog: Welcome My Mum!

This blog is by my Mum. She's been crocheting a lot since the conception of the twins, and has made some beautiful hats, sleeping bags, nappy covers and headbands. You can see all that she has made here.

But, this guest blog is probably the most practical thing she's made for the twins, and she created the pattern on her own!

We're new to writing patterns so if you need something re-explained or clarified, then please comment and we'll get back to you.


You will need: 

A 9mm crochet hook.
3 balls of really chunky 8ply wool (we used red to match the pram)

and some basic knowledge of the techniques

Double crochet - DC
Single crochet- SC
Chain - Chain
Slip Stitch- SS
No Foundation Method 
and the Turning Chain Method for moving up rows. = TM

We made this pattern by measuring up a woollen underlay that we already had.

The measurements can easily be altered to fit your specific pram, but I'm fairly sure it should fit most prams and strollers.

The entire size of the underlay is 27 cm wide and 70 cm long.

Mum did a tension square and for her, 27 cm = 28 stitches. You may need more or less stitches depending on the thickness of your wool and needle. So, please alter your pattern to fit the cm measurements, NOT the stitches.


1) Use the no foundation method, featured in the link above, to begin. This will be result in a nice and straight bottom of the underlay- do this until it reaches 27 cm (28 stitches approx).
2) Turn using the Turning Chain Method and DC to the end. DO NOT use the normal chain method or your pram cover edging will be wonky. Repeat until you reach 6 cm long.
3) On the row that's 6 cm long, work out the middle. Your aim is to make a hole in the centre to put the clip through. SC 11, chain 6, SC 11. Turn using TM.
4) SC 11, SS 6, SC 11. TM
5) Continue DC & TM until 12 cm long.
6) On the 12 cm row, repeat step 3 and 4.
7) Continue DC & TM until you reach 56 cm long.
8) Now you're making the arm strap holes- You want them to be positioned for your pram, so you could measure it. We used SC 4, SS 6, SC 8, SS 6, SC 4. TM.
9) Then, SC 4, Chain 6, SC 8, Chain 6, SC 4, TM.
10) Now DC until you reach 70 cm long.

To finish. 

Choose your own pretty edging around the pram cover, or just single crochet the edge to neaten it up and make it look finished.

We hope you enjoyed the pattern for the pram cover. If you like it, be sure to leave a comment! If you make it, PLEASE link us to your work.

If you want to share other crochet patterns or pieces you've made, join us on Pinterest!

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