Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Worlds Best Holidays

Australia is fairly new at Halloween celebrations. Here, people either love it, or hate it. People who hate it are very vocal on the "It's an American holiday", "Don't teach your kids to talk to strangers" and mostly "It's an American holiday!!! waaaaaaaa"

As you can probably tell, I'm for celebrating Halloween. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm for celebrating anything. After all, I bought a birthday cake the other day and insisted we all sing "Happy Birthday" to Andy's imaginary friends, the Aristocats. Chris was so embarrassed and a bit disgusted, but I felt like birthday cake, and I felt weird eating it without the singing and candle blowing- so we partied.

Tonight, being All- Hallows-Eve we didn't go trick or treating, but stayed at home and put a big "Trick or Treaters Welcome Here" sign out the front. The boys had a blast. They were sitting at the door waiting for the trick or treaters, and they weren't disappointed. Andy's favourite was of course, the wonderful Spiderman. Joey liked (or was a bit scared of) the monster, Chris's favourite was the Mum next door in her pyjamas (Good on you Mum!) and mine was a zombie Doctor with some great special effect blood.

My favourite holiday, of course, is my birthday... jokes, Christmas! I'd have the tree up in November, if people didn't think it was weird. I love Christmas carols, and candy canes and Santa. I love the conversations, which always seem more animated and cheerful at Christmas. I love people wishing me a Merry Christmas. I love door bells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles. These are a few of my favourite things!

Ok Alisha, too much Halloween chocolate for you tonight.

I was recently chatting with a few of my favourite Facebook friends (sadly this is the only medium we actually chat because we're all so hectic and busy) who also celebrate holidays not traditionally Australian, like the Fourth of July, and one family are going to celebrate all the American holidays!

Now, I'm not saying that Australians should forego their Aussie holidays, but there is something special about the way American (well at least in the movies) celebrate. Parades, and house decorations, family get togethers and fireworks. Seems like a wonderful idea to me. So, I think we either start making our own holidays more special, and/or add some holidays in there.

The first one I propose we add in, is Thanksgiving. This sounds like a legitimately awesome holiday. Family, fire, turkey, thankfulness. I don't want it the week before Christmas though. I'm proposing we have it in Winter, around July. What would suit you? I'm thinking about the 14th? It's about the time we need a bit of a holiday in Winter so we can experience that full and a bit smug feeling emanating from those Northern Hemisphere-ians.

Now comes the tricky part, what holiday do you want to add to our Aussie calendar?  Why? What date? If you're not Aussie, what's your favourite holiday? Tell me all about it! Either comment here, or if you prefer, like our Facebook page, and comment over there. Would also love some Facebook shares, if you're that way inclined.

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