Monday, 1 October 2012

Re-purposed, Reused & Recycled

This blog is dedicated to the Pinterest Board Recycle-Repurposed-Reuse <3 

 I had some curtains I was considering getting rid of. They were a bit sentimental though. Mum bought them for Andy's nursery, before we knew Andy was a lad. I love the colour and the design, and I love that they have featured in the nursery of not only Andy, but Joey and the twins.

So... like a good Pinner, I didn't throw them out or give them away, but I stored them in the cupboard for just in case.

The next event that makes this blog what it is, was a hard rubbish day (curb side collection of stuff). I pilfered a little wooden coffee table, that had a bit of a broken shelf. With a couple of new screws and some liquid nails, good as new... but not that pretty.

I thought about making a little seat for the toy room, but with the amount of toys in there, a seat was just going to be something that was going to take up valuable floor space.

Instead, I decided that I would still make a seat, but use it at our entrance to store some shoes underneath, and a place to sit to put them on.

This is how it all happened.

Things I used

Recycled coffee table
White primer
Yellow semi gloss paint
A small paint brush
1 new pillow ($7)
Recycled curtains
Heavy duty stapler

1) I fixed the shelf underneath and gave it a light sand to remove most of the varnish that remained.
2) Prime the paint with a water based primer.
3) I had some left over yellow paint, so I painted 3 coats of semi gloss water based paint, letting it dry between coats.
4) Next, I cut the pillow casing and took out the stuffing. I spread the stuffing out over the chair and had a small over hang on each side, about an inch.
5) I got Mum to hold the fabric taught and then I tacked one staple on each side to hold the fabric in place.
6) Then we flipped the table/chair over and stapled along one end, and then the other end. HOT TIP- cut the fabric with about 2cms then you would normally need, and fold the fabric under creating a little hem. Staple on the hem, and you wont see any fraying.
7) To do the corners, I used this method.
8) Trim the last of the fabric and turn over!


I really enjoyed doing this project! Stay tuned as I create a sewing table out of an old chest of draws!


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