Thursday, 4 October 2012

Drip Drop POP!

Chris sells plumbing supplies as a profession, and he's quite good at what he does. When we were looking at homes to buy, each one had it's fitting faults, and he discussed them with me... at length... We also discussed... at length... what he would love to put into his own house. Quality products that increase a homes value, both aesthetically and profitably.

The house we bought, like most of the other houses had cheap, plastic fittings, and this would just not do.

He chose these taps, and even installed them himself, which was pretty awesome if you ask me. I love the cross handles, which have a feeling of old-fashioned charm mixed with sleek modern lines. But the thing I love most of all are the goose-neck faucets. The one in the laundry especially screams up-your-self-ness. It's so large and beautiful, and I've often just made a trip to the laundry just to glimpse at the taps.

So, here are some before and afters. Sorry about the poor quality pics, my camera batteries were flat, so I just used my mobile... won't be doing that again.

Would you look at that goose-neck! Isn't it amazing!? 

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