Saturday, 6 October 2012

Little Garden Make Over

We had a couple of dirt "gardens" that were attached to the exterior of the house, under the patio, and on either side of our laundry door. I initially wanted to plant them up, but I was worried that termites would see it as an open house invitation, not to mention damp issues that could arise.  

So, we went for a trip to Masters and got some inspiration.

We found three ripped bags of stones, that were discounted from $8 a bag to $3 a bag so we grabbed them and one more, and transformed a bit of a dumping ground, to a nice little feature.

The project cost us $17 because we already had weed mat from building the sandpit.

The little wishing well was made for us by my Uncle Mick to use at our wedding. We lent it to my sister-in-law for her wedding and has since been in the shed. It needs a bit of a make-over, but that's another story.  

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