Saturday, 25 August 2012

That Kindle I Like.

This blog is dedicated to a new to me blog/ facebook page which I've been enjoying, That Book You Like. They also have a store which has LOTS of awesome booky type products, stationary, kids gifts and beautiful wrapping!

I love books. I never dog ear corners, and try very hard not to crack spines. I love bookmarks and night lights. I love the feeling, the smell and the slight differences that each book has. They are all individual. Books take me on a journey from beginning to end. There is nothing like getting a voluminous book and slowly working your way though the pages, suddenly realising that you're holding more pages in your left hand than in your right.


Chris bought me a Kindle for Christmas last year. I was a bit apprehensive about the gift to be honest. I love technology, but reading to me was a complete experience, not just about the story. My little brother helped me set it up, and a friend emailed me my favourite series which I put onto it. I didn't actually read anything on it for some time. I just loaded it, sorted the files and left it in my bed side table draw.

But then, when I was pregnant with the twins, and could no longer see my feet, I read... and read... and read. I read book after book on my Kindle. Something which I probably wouldn't have done with a normal book. I don't have the storage space to continue buying books. I have almost unlimited Kindle space!

Now the twins are here, and breast feeding, I can read with one hand, comfortably! I have even been known to rest my light weight kindle on Ryan or Sophie while they are feeding. Look kids, no hands! A button press to turn the page, one of the things I thought I would dislike about the device, I adore!

In bed, it's easy to get comfortable with my kindle. I don't lose my place with my Kindle. I can read 50 Shades of Grey in my Doctors waiting room without initiating saucy conversation about Christian Grey with a 50 year old lady because of my Kindle. Hooray for Kindle.

When I want a book, I don't have to feel guilty at storing it in the box with my other pretties... It's on my Kindle forever and ever. Not collecting dust.

Now I'm back to reading adult books, escaping into the world of Frank Abagnale, The Lovely Bones and Bridget Jones. Worlds I've been meaning to get to for quite some time. My reading list has crosses off it instead of add ons.

All because of That Kindle I Like, nay, LOVE.

Monday, 20 August 2012

EagerBees Kindy: A Sense of Community

The area I live in now has a pretty bad reputation. Eaglby is notorious for housing a large population of Bogans, being the dumping ground for stolen and burnt out cars and when you go to a garage sale in Eagleby, you have to buy back your stolen stuff.

Lately at night we've been hearing gun shots and neighbourhood arguments. 

However, despite that, I feel that there is such a strong sense of community here.

As we're moving soon, I've been reflecting over our time here in this house and the people who have touched our lives.

One of the biggest struggles I had was putting Andy into Kindy. This struggle has led me to a few pillars of the community. 

At the beginning there was Gail. She supported me though the tick and the thin. Andy clung to her like she was family, and on more than one occasion her shoulder was wet with tears and maybe a bit of runny booger, and it was mostly from me. She gave me parenting advice when asked for and showed a genuine interest in things I was concerned about. It's women like her that first time Mums need. She made my progress into work more comfortable and I knew my baby Andy was in good hands.

Then, when Andy grew and I was pregnant with Joey, she continued her support by doing anything in her power to make drop off more comfortable. Putting bags away, picking things up off the floor for me, and even walking Andy out and strapping him into his car seat. I love that lady and I want you all to know that.

While Andy was in Junior Kindy we met another wonderful carer. Teagan, was so professional and lovely that I was worried Andy might want her as a mum instead of me. I loved how organised and structured Teagan's classroom was. She had a laptop and each day would take snaps of the kids doing their activities. You really knew what the kids enjoyed and got up to and this made me feel more apart of their days without me. Andy's speech developed well when in Teagan's classroom too. She spoke to the kids even if they weren't responding. I really liked that.

Joey, my easy going lad, just loved Kindy right away and we had no dramas at all. When he entered, management changed and with that, we met some new staff. Carmen and Kylie. The best team of carers I have ever met. Carmen was so gentle and kind, organised and loving. And Kylie interacted so beautifully with my boys that you couldn't help be a little jealous of their relationships. Joey's first blow kiss was to the lovely Miss Kylie. It's hard to explain the admiration I feel about these two ladies. Kylie especially. I'm sure she loves each child for who they are. She's a natural nurturer, someone you could trust with your secrets and have a laugh with, but would never laugh at you. You just want to be Miss Kylie's best friend.

Then, when I was hugely pregnant with the twins, Andy was having more troubles being dropped off. The poor little man didn't want to be left at Kindy. Miss Gail had the idea that we could try the bus. It worked! Andy enjoyed going to Kindy after only a couple of trips on the bus! And that's where we met Eileen.

Like Gail, she was the lady I needed at the right time. She was supportive, but firm with the kids. Helped me get them on the bus through the hard times, and offered positive re-enforcement when deserved. Miss Eileen had the answers. The Kindy Bus became a fun thing to do and the boys flourished. Today, Eileen literally got on her bike, with five or six kids in tow (they didn't stay still enough to count) and dropped off the kids Kindy photos on her day off, because she knew I was eager to see them. Her kind heart humbles me. Thank you Eileen.

And the last woman in the community who has made a huge difference to my life is Kirstie. While she works at the Kindy, I don't know her from there. I know her as my cleaning lady/ sanity saviour/ friend. She helped me out when I couldn't bend over. Didn't judge the chaos of my home or the state of my shower. She just set to work to help me out as much as possible. I say it to her all the time, but I really am grateful for all that she did on Tuesdays. I'm sad that our budget doesn't stretch that much now we will be paying off our own home. But I hope she'll still come round and have a chat... and clean the toilet if she wants.

And these are the people I will miss the most. The people who have made life changing differences in our lives. You will be missed, remembered and cherished forever.

**EDIT- This all sounded a touch morbid... Hope to still catch up often ladies. xo

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Breast Feeding Taught In Schools- What do you think?

The Mule: Do We Dare Teach Our Daughters The Truth About Their Bodies?

Teaching breastfeeding in schools? What do you think? I think I'm for it. Before breast feeding my children, I only actually seen one woman breast feed. My sister-in-law Breeanna, was a guide for me. When I felt I couldn't breast feed Andy I was very disappointed. Breeanna was so encouraging when I really wanted to breastfeed Joey, and now I'm successfully breastfeeding the twins. Having positive role models, and correct information from a young age could be the encouragement Australia needs to make breast feeding more acceptable in public. I was educated about periods, sex and condoms, but not about breastfeeding. Something that's beautiful and natural. I think that teaching young women about this sometimes difficult time of motherhood won't make them race out and have a baby, but think about the responsibility and help them make informed decisions. 

Tandem Feeding. The most rewarding accomplishment of my motherhood career.  Ryan and Sophie hold hands as they feed. PS Sorry for the amount of boob Dad!