Saturday, 25 August 2012

That Kindle I Like.

This blog is dedicated to a new to me blog/ facebook page which I've been enjoying, That Book You Like. They also have a store which has LOTS of awesome booky type products, stationary, kids gifts and beautiful wrapping!

I love books. I never dog ear corners, and try very hard not to crack spines. I love bookmarks and night lights. I love the feeling, the smell and the slight differences that each book has. They are all individual. Books take me on a journey from beginning to end. There is nothing like getting a voluminous book and slowly working your way though the pages, suddenly realising that you're holding more pages in your left hand than in your right.


Chris bought me a Kindle for Christmas last year. I was a bit apprehensive about the gift to be honest. I love technology, but reading to me was a complete experience, not just about the story. My little brother helped me set it up, and a friend emailed me my favourite series which I put onto it. I didn't actually read anything on it for some time. I just loaded it, sorted the files and left it in my bed side table draw.

But then, when I was pregnant with the twins, and could no longer see my feet, I read... and read... and read. I read book after book on my Kindle. Something which I probably wouldn't have done with a normal book. I don't have the storage space to continue buying books. I have almost unlimited Kindle space!

Now the twins are here, and breast feeding, I can read with one hand, comfortably! I have even been known to rest my light weight kindle on Ryan or Sophie while they are feeding. Look kids, no hands! A button press to turn the page, one of the things I thought I would dislike about the device, I adore!

In bed, it's easy to get comfortable with my kindle. I don't lose my place with my Kindle. I can read 50 Shades of Grey in my Doctors waiting room without initiating saucy conversation about Christian Grey with a 50 year old lady because of my Kindle. Hooray for Kindle.

When I want a book, I don't have to feel guilty at storing it in the box with my other pretties... It's on my Kindle forever and ever. Not collecting dust.

Now I'm back to reading adult books, escaping into the world of Frank Abagnale, The Lovely Bones and Bridget Jones. Worlds I've been meaning to get to for quite some time. My reading list has crosses off it instead of add ons.

All because of That Kindle I Like, nay, LOVE.


  1. Oh, my word!!! I am so excited to meet someone else who is psycho about the condition of their books! I LOATHE dog-ears, book-marking pages with the flap from the dust jacket, bending back paerbacks. I didn't even highlight my books in college! And I too, am in lovelovelove with buying news books and with my Nook! My husband bought it for me when he grew tired of my books taking up allthespace!! So, my friend on the other side of the earth from me: we have that in common! :-)

    1. I knew I wasn't alone in my love! Thanks for commenting- it's nice to know the post was read. <3