Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Breast Feeding Taught In Schools- What do you think?

The Mule: Do We Dare Teach Our Daughters The Truth About Their Bodies?

Teaching breastfeeding in schools? What do you think? I think I'm for it. Before breast feeding my children, I only actually seen one woman breast feed. My sister-in-law Breeanna, was a guide for me. When I felt I couldn't breast feed Andy I was very disappointed. Breeanna was so encouraging when I really wanted to breastfeed Joey, and now I'm successfully breastfeeding the twins. Having positive role models, and correct information from a young age could be the encouragement Australia needs to make breast feeding more acceptable in public. I was educated about periods, sex and condoms, but not about breastfeeding. Something that's beautiful and natural. I think that teaching young women about this sometimes difficult time of motherhood won't make them race out and have a baby, but think about the responsibility and help them make informed decisions. 

Tandem Feeding. The most rewarding accomplishment of my motherhood career.  Ryan and Sophie hold hands as they feed. PS Sorry for the amount of boob Dad! 

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