Monday, 15 October 2012

Mum's Fan Pin-spiration

Mum and I share a Pinterest account. I don't think I've mentioned it before. She is such a good Pinner. We have a bit of an issue when people don't check their Pins and both HATE that bicarb soda and vinegar = helium post... so much so, we have to she has to comment on it when we see it.

So, she asked me to Pin her creativity for her. I'm very proud of her efforts.

She revamped her ceiling fan!

What You'll Need

A pretty crappy ceiling fan that's already installed.
Screwdriver (to dismantle and re-mantle- is that even a word?)
Spray on Primer
Spray on Paint for metal (or plastic if you have a plastic fan)
3 sheets of 30cm x 30cm scrapbook paper
PVA glue
Sponge applicator- You can use a pre-made one, OR get a thick sponge and cut it on a diagonal and just use it (it's what Mum did).
A credit card


1) Remove the blades and give a really good clean. Use some sugar soap or dish washing liquid to make sure there is no grease on the blades and the mount. Use your own discretion when cleaning the motor... water and electricity don't mix. Then lightly sand and wipe again to remove dust.

2) Wait for it to dry completely and spray one or two coats of primer on the blades. To paint the motor and hangy-down-bit, use an old cardboard box with a slit in it, to make sure your ceiling doesn't get covered in paint. You might need an extra pair of hands here.

3) When completely dry, give a light sand and wipe. Wait for the water to dry. Spray on the paint in a couple of light coats to avoid drips. Hang to dry.

4) Mark on the fan where you want your paper.  Mix 3 part PVA glue with 1 water in a jar and give it a good shake. VERY QUICKLY apply the glue mix to the back of the paper and on the fan blade, and wrap the paper around the blade and smooth with a sponge and then a credit card. Wipe away the excess glue with a damp cloth. If you make a mistake and rip the paper (like Mum did) get a permanent marker and touch up the rips.

5) Wait half an hour for the glue to dry and then using you sponge apply thin layers of PVA glue mix waiting to dry between each layer.

6) When you're happy with the result, put your fan blades back up and admire your work.

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