Sunday, 16 September 2012

From Little Things Big Things Grow.

We're in our first home together. We've moved with the help of family (THANK YOU ALL!). We've unpacked most boxes. We feel like it's ours.

Please open the link below and listen to the song while reading the post- you won't get through it all, but you'll enjoy some of it, as I have when writing it.
From Little Things Big Things Grow

Joey and Andy were sitting on our bed playing together and talking. Next to them were the twins, sleeping. I was overcome with how far Chris and I have come. We're in our first home. Look how much we have. I'm so thankful.

Today, Chris did a little thing to our house. He changed the handles in the kitchen for me. If you've followed my blog, you'll know how sentimental I am about kitchens. It's made me feel all special. By changing something so little, it's going to lead to big changes. And, while most people wouldn't dedicate a blog to some draw handles, I feel it's just the start of another journey.

Below are some photos of the before and after.

From little things, big things grow.

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