Friday, 4 July 2014

DIY Cheap Chicken Feeder

 We've added some new additions to our flock, and we wanted a feeder that took up less space, and that we didn't have to fill so often. When I was at the hardware store, we were looking at the plumbing section and I had a brain wave.

Materials: We bought the materials for two feeders, but this is what you will need for one. 

1 1.5m length of 90mm pipe 
1 45 degree angle fitting 
1 end cap 
1 push in fitting with screw in end 
1 screw cap 
2 wall brackets 


Step One: Measure the length of the pipe to the desired length, and cut. We used the measurement of 120cms (47inches). The pipe is pretty easy to cut. Then cut another length about 5-10cm (2-4 inches). 

Step Two: Fix the 45 degree part onto the base of the pipe. (So easy the kids can do it!) 

Step Three: On the other end, fix the part that allows the cap to be screwed on, and then screw the cap on. 

Step Four: On the end with the angle, attach the smaller piece of pipe, and put on the other (non-screw) cap. 

Finished Product : If you're that way inclined, you can use special plumbing glue and stick it all toghether, but since our feeder is in a shed, we didn't bother.

Note: Will upload a finished product picture very soon!

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