Monday, 14 January 2013

Facebook Drama, Equality In Marriage and a *bit* of a rant.

Press Play Same Love- The quotes used throughout are from this song.

I would like to think that I surround myself with tolerant and understanding people. People who want fairness and equality. People who believe in a goodness and people who at least try not to hurt others.

Recently, on Facebook (doesn't most drama start there now days?) a "friend" reposted something that I had, a nice quote by a man, and used the terms "cock sucker", "how gay" and "fag". The man is a famous man, and isn't homosexual, but even if he was, using the type of words that she used, is really unacceptable. Using it in that context, "Gay is synonymous with the lesser". I deleted her, and her husband. I don't want to be associated with people like that.

However, it has got me thinking, about the "breeding out hate" thoughts that I have. I figured that most people in my generation, are more accepting that those in my parents or grandparents. The older generations have an excuse whether they fear the difference or the unknown I can understand that they don't know how to accept people who are homosexual. But today, there is no excuse. You don't have to be gay to fight for this. "It's human rights for everybody"... "Fight for humans who have had their rights stolen".

"It's the same hate that's caused wars from religion, gender to skin colour". We'll look back at this inequality and be ashamed it didn't stop sooner. Change is inevitable, I truly believe that.

The woman I have now deleted, has three beautiful children. It pains me to think "some kids would rather die than be who they are". Stop it. Change it. Do what's right. Stop the prejudice, change the mindset, and enforce the laws. Allow gay people to marry. Not just in civil union, but really be man and man, or wife and wife. I was not married in a church, and I'm not suggesting that the Church must allow homosexual people to be married within their religions. They are their own governing body, but they should not rule what the rest of the population must abide by.

The arguments are clear. They are everywhere in pop culture. People, and I dare say the majority of reasonable people want this to happen.

I think the first step in the right direction is to change the laws. After all, the movement to free the slaves was a majority movement, but wasn't until the law changed that it must be accepted by all. It was the same as woman's rights. Laws must change before they can be enforced.

The next thing to change is the mind set of people. Using "that's gay" means that being gay is a negative thing. Being yourself, while not harming others, can not be a bad thing. Expressing love, can not be a bad thing. Pull your kids up when they say it, explain to them why they shouldn't be using that terminology. I'd rather my kids not speak at all or drop the f bomb than use derogatory language. Children follow our lead, so be the best example you can be.

Sign petitions, rally, make a difference, get the message out to your politicians wherever you live in this world. Stop it, change it, do what's right.

Australian Marriage Equality-  A quick link to email your local politician. I did, and I got a personalised response. I now know that I am supporting a man who believes in what I think is important and is willing to fight for it.

Marriage Equality USA- State by state laws and updates as well as what's happening in the media and rallies.

Same Sex Marriage in Canada- Keep up to date

Equal Marriage Rights UK- Email your MP feature as well as up to date news and events as well as a good structured legal case.

And just to leave it on a light note, another friend of mine posted a sign with this on fb. It turns out, there are many images on the internet with this little funny in it, but I do love an ecardlol.

Here is a write up on the economic value of weddings, and what it would mean to Australia in dollars.

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