Thursday, 14 June 2012

Tokens Of Love

This blog post was initially to win a beautiful hand crafted Black Tree Pendant  by Sandra at Tokens Of Love. They have a competition going at the moment, so click on the "Tokens Of Love" link to win! But it got me thinking about little things in my home that are tokens of love.

Of course there is my engagement ring and wedding ring. Picked by Chris... all by himself. If you know Chris, you know how much thought and care went into it. How excited he was to keep it a secret until the day he proposed. We've been married for five years next month.

Then, keeping with the romantic theme, there is a bunch of pink roses on my dining table. Brought for no special reason. I love that.

Less obvious, but still so important, there is my fridge. It was bought out of money received from our wedding. There isn't a lot of space left on my fridge, but there always seems to be room for one more drawing, painting or important piece of paper. Wow it frustrates me when the weak magnets give way and thirty papers fly over my kitchen floor, but they remind me of our family life. They remind me that this kitchen has people using it.

Hand prints on my hall way wall.
No toilet paper on the roll but all over the floor. Thank goodness for toilet training.
Child safety locks that fool guests and keep kids away from danger and my chocolate stash. 
Alphabet magnets on my freezer that we can spell naughty words with (lucky the kids can't read yet). 
Lego on the floor that I promise I will never vacuum up. 
The smell of clean babies after the four of them have bathed and are in their pyjamas. 
The "up yourself" coffee that Chris makes me every morning, whether he's late or not. 

These are my tokens of love.

What are yours? 


  1. Love it Alisha! I swear we seem to be living te same life (minus 2 of your 4 children in my case). Thanks so much x

  2. How you find the time to make all the beautiful jewellery amazes me. Love them all.