Wednesday, 20 June 2012

There's Naughty, Then There's Being A Little Sh**.

My former, childless self really truely believed that I'd have children who grew up respecting each other, who would gladly keep their rooms tidy because they were responsible and understanding, and who would never chuck a wobbly in the supermarket. Those were other people's children. I would be a great parent.

Now, I'm a mini-van driving, mother of a snot eating, tantrum chucking, brother biting three and a half year old. Where did this come from?

Of course, I know that this is a phase. I know that it's apart of growing up, but what the hell do I do about it? Biting, hitting and being rude and disrespectful are not going to be tolerated.

I did the Positive Parenting Program a couple of years back, which favoured the time out. And then, I believed a properly used time out will change their behaviour. And believe me, I properly use the time out. I've reviewed the steps and have followed them scrupulously. I think he's so accustomed to the time out, that it doesn't bother him. He does his time, comes out, says he's sorry, and BAM bites Joey so hard that it bruises.

He's been such a good boy for the last three years. He knows it's wrong, yet does it anyway. Is it for attention? We have as much one on one time as we can. Chris and I both make sure that the older boys get time with us each evening without the twins. We encourage good behaviour and give plenty of praise when they are playing nicely, and doing the right thing. He's a clever boy, he knows he's doing wrong.

The other day, he got put into the naughty corner 7 times in about 4 hours! Where do you go after a bloody time out? I even smacked his hand on two separate occasions. He smiles! He's taunting my cranky face!

I'm gonna lose my shit.

What worked for you?


  1. 1st solution could be Ebay as they have a section there for all the naughty boys and girls. They get bought and sent to Oompa Loompa Island where they have to work with William Wonka. I don't think you would resort to that option.

    You could choose a time-out spot that he really doesn't like but preferably not where Hansel and Gretel got put.

    In reality I just think it's Andy losing his attention in such a little time. He probably got on great with Joey but when the twins arrived he suddenly had a quarter of mummy and daddy's pie. I thought it would of been a shock to Joey more than Andy.

    Trust me Kellie-Mae was exactly the same. A little angel in her first few years. When Bobbie-Lee was born she became devilish but when Xavier was born she turned into the devils evil spawn.(Must be nannas side)

    No matter how old we are we crave love and attention. Hopefully he gets out of it or you may have to resort to the oompa loompas. Most importantly something you do have for him is your unconditional love and a big hug and smile will make children leap mountains.

    1. OMG Peter! Hilarious. I think Mr Wonka might be getting a phone call about lunch time tomorrow.

      I've put it down to attention seeking behaviour too. Any attention is good attention, so usually the advice is ignore the bad behaviour, praise the positive. Biting, pushing and on occasion kicking simply can't be ignored. Where did you go with Kellie-Mae? Like I said, he just does his time in the laundry (light off) gladly, and comes back out just to be sent back there a few minutes later. We've also tried taking whatever he's playing with away to some success, but this isn't always possible. I'm big on consistency in discipline and I can't see me being comfortable with giving him a good old fashioned smack whenever he's misbehaving, time out isn't a punishment to him... what else is there? I feel some research is needed on the good ol' Google tonight... Or I might just call Wonka... after all, I might get some free chocolate.