Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Chaos of Bed Time

Masking tape car race track. Let's hope the boys love this so much that tonight will run smoothly!
As my last blog hinted, tonight is my first night with four kids by myself. Chris won tickets to the footy and is taking a well deserved night to himself. So, this leaves me with the baths (probably will be a "just jarmie" night - no bath), dinners, and the dreaded bed time!

Let me just illistrate the chaos that happens at bed time...

Dinner is nice and calm, and then the boys go mental. They run around and carry on for about half an hour. Then, we attempt to calm them down. But, by this time the twins need to be fed again (yay cluster feeding). So, I'm out of action, and Chris brushes their teeth, makes them do a wee, and then reads the boys two or three stories. By this time, they're calm again. Then it's time for Joey to get into his big boy bed and this is more chaos. He wants to "talk to Mummy" so runs out and says "nee-night" and runs back, runs out and kisses me, runs back, runs out and kisses Ryan, runs back, runs out and kisses Sophie, and runs back. We've tried to make him do it all at once, but no.

Then Andy wants a drink, which leads to him going for another wee. Then Joey wants a drink, so then Andy wants another drink, which leads to another wee (about 1/5 tsp full).

Eventually, after sitting in there for 30mins, Chris sneaks out, moves the twins to their cot, we do the dishes, clean up, put on the days washing, shower and go to bed (about 9pm).

As you can see, the only thing I really do is feed the twins. I'm going to miss that man tonight... for his company, but mostly for his usefulness.

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