Monday, 2 July 2012

"One for you and one for me mummy"

It's the twins time to feed, 
I try to be organised, 
But as soon as I sit down to start, 
I shouldn't be surprised. 

Joey has a poo bum, 
Andy wants a drink, 
The cat has decided to vomit,
In the bathroom sink. 

The phone starts ringing, 
There's someone at the door. 
The neighbour's ball comes over the fence, 
There's paint spilled on the floor.

Today Joey's asleep. 
Andy's playing nicely outside.
I hear no screaming, yelling, "Muuuuum"ing, 
I attempt to look on the upside. 

I'm sure he's not in trouble, 
I'm sure he's not in strife,
I'm sure he's not playing with, 
Some random giant knife.

The time goes by, I have to check,
"ANDY, what are you doing?" 
No response really doesn't help, 
The ill feeling that is brewing. 

So carefully, I put down the twins, 
And I as quick as I can be,
I race outside a bit cranky, 
To see what I can see. 

I see him covered, from head to foot, 
In what can only be described,
As chicken poo and mud and slime. 
This memory forever inscribed. 

Two big brown eyes, his beautiful face, 
His podgy little fingers, 
Holding the most beautiful thing,
My smile still lingers.

A weed to some, a rose to me.
Two dandelions, yellow and bright.
The stems all bent, the petals crunched,
From holding them too tight.

Tears ran down his muddy cheeks,
"Mum I fell in chicken poo"
I rush and pick my baby up,
What else could I do?

Stripped us of and cleaned us up,
Put the flowers in some water,
Twins all settled, Joey wakes up,
Cuddles with my sons and daughter.

While the days feel long, time goes by quickly,
How can they be so grown?
With the adventures of my children,
I'll never feel alone.