Monday, 21 May 2012

Nagging Makes The World Go Round

This is our cycle.

In the morning I ask for something to be done. Let's say the lawn mowing.
He says "Yep, I'll do that"
After breakfast I think about the lawn not being mowed.
He doesn't. He thinks about the sport that's on this afternoon.
I think about the lawn mowing not being done right now.
He doesn't. He thinks about what he has to do in the up coming week at work.
I continue to think about the lawn not being mowed as I do the dishes.
He doesn't.
I think about the lawn growing to Jack's bean stalk heights while he's playing with the kids.
He doesn't.
I ask him again, "Can you do the mowing please?"
He says "Yeah, I'll do it this afternoon."
I think right after lunch, that f***ing lawn still isn't cut.
"The mowing needs to be done"
I rage quietly.
He doesn't. He's happy.
As the sun is about to set (slight exaggeration) he mows the lawn.
I can finally stop thinking about it.

I've spoken to many women about their need to "nag" or re-ask or confirm that something has actually been completed. It seems we're all in the same boat. We think about the things that need to be done, until they are done. It's apart of our constant multi-tasking. It seems that men, on the other hand, know they'll do the job, eventually, and are happy to procrastinate until the final minute.

Other tasks that make me grind my teeth include,

Making two trips to the sink when you could have done one if you stacked the dishes.
Making a coffee, but leaving the milk, spoon, and coffee out.
Clearing the table without actually wiping it down.
Doing the dishes, but leaving two pots and a fork.

My husband is awesome... mostly. He hangs his towel up, he puts his underwear in the wash, he takes out the rubbish. But not doing a job properly and procrastinating are two things that just... make me want to pull my his hair out.


  1. Lol! I resorted to a Husband "to-do list" this morning. It seems that my other half is getting very used to me being home more and doing most of the housework etc! He loves mowing and watering BUT unlike Chris - can't pick up/put away clothes to save his life! ;)

    1. I'm fairly sure in Chris' head he's thinking... I was your slave for three months. This is pay back woman.

  2. While the "husband" tag does not apply in my home, I to have these "attitude affected conversations" with my eldest! Biggest issue in my life - cutlery! A whole drainer of dishes washed, dried and put away but there is always cutlery in the sink! No matter the amount of talking... I refuse to call it nagging... There is always cutlery in the sink! Lawns... I do them myself now! Lol

    1. lol Heid! It's amazing isn't it. I'm sure they're doing it on purpose just to annoy us.

  3. lol how many times have we chatted about this subject,all males should read your blog and then just sit a while and think about it.

    1. So so so many times. It concerns me, because I've seen you and Dad go though it, and I know it doesn't get much better! lol.

  4. hay im grate round the house if it wasent for me mum would have nothing to do lol