Wednesday, 16 May 2012

"You've got your hands full"

I've begun venturing out of the house.

No, I don't suffer from Anthropophobia. No, I'm not a recluse. Yes I have a car and I live in suburbia.

We have four children under four. It's taken four weeks of being house bound, and recovering from a pretty eww C-section experience to finally take the leap and go out in public. And really, I sort of wish we hadn't.

Not only were our two eldest sons a bit under the weather (and by this I mean "weeing out of bum"s and vomiting) but it was also midst the chaos that is Mother's Day shopping; where the stores smell like cheap perfume samples and each way you turn with a double stroller you knock over a rack full of slippers.

We, like the hoards of others, wandered around the shops to purchase Granny and Nanna something nice to thank them for all of their support though out the year. I'm not too sure if it was because of the holiday, or the shear number of people, or whether it will be like this all the time, but I believe that I was stopped every 10 steps for someone to tell me that I had my hands full.

This phenomenon has plagued twin mothers the world around, and countless blogs have been written about it. Since Mother's Day shopping, I have ventured out a few more times, and it's now become one of my pet peeves.

People say it like they are telling you something new. Like I don't understand that I'm busy. Maybe in my sleepless delirium I forgot that I'm over achieving and attempting to be super-mum.

I know that they are just trying to make conversation, and delaying the time when they have to leave gawking at my adorable bundles of joy, but when I hear "You've got" I instantly grind my teeth, and put on my fake smile.

I remember reading somewhere before the twins were born, that this could be a problem and people wrote what they say when faced with the "You've got your hands full" comments. One response really stuck with me. Hands are full, heart is full. It's a nice way of saying, shut-the-hell-up-with-your-negativity. So, in that spirit, welcome to Hands Are Full, Heart is Full. The blog where I can have a whine, share the laughs, craft ideas and recipes and probably post 10 posts and then forget my password. I hope you enjoy. 


  1. Can't wait to see more posts! I hate the cringe-worthy cliched comments and I'm careful (mostly) not to use them - hope you get to write lots when you 'don't have your hands full'. :|