Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Pea Encrusted Stalagmites.

Over the weekend, Chris and I cleaned out the chest freezer. All I can say is OH MY GOD! As well as the peas frozen in stalagmites and the meat that was so frost bitten it was unrecognisable, there was 12 meals of sausages, 5 meals of steak, 3 meals of chicken pieces, 2 whole chickens, 3.5 kgs of mince as well as various other bits and pieces, equating to a total of 32 meals. Over a months worth of meat...

Now was the time to put all my reading about meal planning, and pinning about meal planning and dust off the recipe books and get out the slow cooker.

And I've done it! That's five weeks of food...

I've already changed it around a few times (hence the odd numbering), and I'm guessing what on Sunday when I couldn't be stuffed doing a roast, I'll swap it around again. But for now, it's sorted. Not only has this saved us money on the fortnightly shop, the food in the freezer isn't going to go to waste. I've also taken into account what I have in the pantry, so we're clearing that out too.

This excites me. Is this what my world is coming to? I'm so excited that my meals are planned for a month... Go me!

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