Monday, 28 May 2012


That's right there was snow in South East Queensland today. Reports say that it was localised over one particular patch. Our driveway.

As I was cleaning out the Summer clothes, and putting in the Winter clothes, I noticed a box of artificial snow I bought two Christmases ago with the intention of... well, I can't really remember.

The boys and I went outside and made some. None of us have never seen the snow, so we were very entertained. It started out in nice plastic trays, using Lego to create ski jumps, roads, planting trees and attempting to make mini snow men.
Then we threw it up in the air and watched it fall.

Then the boys played for 2 and a half hours BY THEMSELVES! That was BY THEMSELVES!
This was a small Winter miracle. They played pretend Mummy and Babies, they made roads and laughed and sang together. Oh the joy!

It was so lovely, until I read the instructions... apparently it doesn't just break down... I'm going to have to sweep it up.

During the time we were playing with it, I was thinking the texture is something that I've seen before, but couldn't place it. Then it dawned on me. It's exactly the same as when I put a disposable nappy though the wash. When disposable nappies reach bursting point, you have fake snow! So my scientific mind got to wondering if I could make more snow.

I got a large disposable nappy and took out the cotton and tiny beads that are inside it. Flooded it with water, I'm guessing about a litre, and while it wasn't light and fluffy like out bought snow, it was awesome for making snow men. Surprisingly, the cotton turned into the snow as well. Great for sensory play, but I wouldn't leave the boys unsupervised playing with it. I'm not sure how toxic it is if ingested.

Give it a go with the kids. It's pretty amazing to see it "grow".

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